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Set -4- Success

After School 


(*this program operates as a drop in center)



Our Solution:

The Poughkeepsie High School's drop out rate is  24%

Compared to Duchess County's average of  7%

Provide a  SAFE place for kids to be KIDS and

not worry about the problems their environment creates for them 

Provide the TRUTH about who God is and how deeply he

  LOVES & Cares for each of his children

The crimes per square mile in Poughkeepsie are  4X more than

the average of THE ENTIRE STATof NY

Children growing up in the city of Poughkeepsie are faced with a variety of cultural deficiencies, as they are surrounded by violence, drugs, gangs, and other illegal activities. The most common, and possibly most harmful of all is a lack of adult supervision. This type of unstable upbringing can lead to a steep decline in self-esteem, as well as serious behavioral problems in young people. When children do not receive the love, support, and discipline of a loving mentor, their emotional and psychological development suffers greatly.

Our after school service exists to give the children in our community a safe place to go after school. Set-4-Success is free for children so that no one is turned away based on their financial stability. During our time together we provide homework help, tutoring, games, free time in our game room and gymnasium, bible study, and a snack. We currently serve children from the ages of 7-14 and are in the process of developing programs for older teens.

Set-4-Success operates Mon-Fri from 2:30-5:00

*Special hours take place on days that school is not in session. 

The Problem:

Provide a FREE after school setting for kids where they can get

HELP            with homework and socialize with peers 

34% of children in poughkeepsie live below the poverty level

which is significantly higher than Dutchess County's 10%

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