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"Then he took her by the hand and said to her 'little girl i say to you, get up!'Immediately the girl got up and began to walk. (she was 12 years old) At this they were utterly astounded" 

Mark 5:41

Inspired by this story in the gospel of Mark in which Jesus revives the life of a little girl, The 541 is a group of young dancers who serve to astound people with the truth that Jesus Christ brings us from death to life. Because of this, we dedicate our God given talents and passions to him!

Currently, we have a Junior and Senior crew. Our Junior dancers are girls from 1st grade-4th grade and our Senior dancers are girls 5th grade+.  Our HIP-HOP dance team is the perfect outlet for kids to express themselves! Choreography is created through collaboration with the kids and coach so that each routine is a true  expression of the kids. As with all our programs EACH practice the children hear the word of God & learn how to use their talents to serve him.


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