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What is Our child sponsorship program?

How to sponsor a 


1 Week of camp: $230

1 Session of camp (2 weeks)$460

Full Summer: $1,750

*or set up monthly donation

At Born Again Disciples our  goal is to ensure that EVERY child

has the opportunity to have the summer of a lifetime and learn 

about how much God loves them. 


Many families are not in a position where they can afford

to send their child/children to a camp for the summer leaving many unsupervised for several hours every day. 

This lack of supervision leads to children hanging out in dangerous locations throughout Poughkeepsie and being exposed to drugs, gang violence, and other illegal activities. When school is not in session, many children do not have access to healthy meals or food at all. Study's have proven that low-income students lose 2-3 grade levels of reading and math achievement due to the lack of access to academic activities. While summer care options are available, most families do not have the resources to enroll their child in a program that will provide activities, fun academic resources and positive social interactions.


B.A.D. does not turn any child away based on their families financial situation. If a family cannot afford to send their child we provide full or partial scholarships to meet each individual where they are. 



In order to do this we need your help!


Will you consider sponsoring a child this summer to ensure: 

that they have a SAFE place to go...

that they have HEALTHY food to eat....

that they have POSITIVE social interactions with peers and adults....

that they have OPPORTUNITY to try new things...

that they have SUPPORT to grow in their academic abilities...

that they have CONFIDENCE to pursue their dreams...

that they never forget how much they are LOVED...

Summer highlight

Informational Video

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