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Our Christian youth mentorship program pairs children in our community with Christian adults for the purpose of developing a long-lasting relationship. These relationships will be focused around spending 1-on-1 time together on a consistent basis, showing interest in activities the children enjoy, discussing any issues that the children may be going through, and helping the children to seek God in the difficulties they are facing. Our desire is that these relationships will help the children grow and develop mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 



"I have been praying God would give me a mentor, and now I have one. God answered my prayers!"


*name omitted for privacy

Who did you look up to

when you were younger?

Who did you turn to when

you had a bad day?

Who was the first person

you wanted to tell when

you had a good day?

Our mentorship program aims to make sure EVERY child has a POSITIVE role model in their lives that they can turn to for advice, confide in when they face obstacles, and rejoice with when they reach accomplishments. Similar to "Big Brothers-Big Sisters" we pair each mentor with a child in our program who has expressed a desire to have a mentor. We ask that mentors meet with their child at least once every 2 weeks. As a mentor please note:

  • The staff at B.A.D. are here to support you and help with any questions or concerns you may have as a mentor.

  • Please be consistent with your visits and avoid cancelling last minute. We understand that schedules do change but please give your child AT LEAST 24 hours notice. Constant cancellations can begin to break the trust between the child and mentor.

  • There is power in prayer! Please try to pray with your child during your visit

  • "outings" with your child do not have to be expensive! There are so many free or cheap ideas that you can come up with. If you need help please reach out to our staff and we can assist you in a plan.

  • Safety and accountability is our top priority. You must fill out a visitation form after each visit. Please fill this form out with one week of the visit.

THANK YOU for volunteering your time children in our community. You are making an impact in the lives of the children and their families that will last a lifetime.  

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